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The universal
e-label cloud

Enabling wine & spirits companies to digitally deliver reliable product information to consumers.

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Why are e-labels required?

From 8 December 2023 onwards all wines sold in the EU are subject to new labelling requirements as defined by EU Regulation 2021/2117. A similar regulation for spirits is also expected to come into force soon.


Wineries need to quickly take the necessary steps to comply with the law in order to avoid penalties. According to the EU Regulation 1306/2013, wines that are not labelled in conformity with the Regulation will not be placed on the market or they will be completely removed.

This digital transformation process is cumbersome and requires changes in how companies produce paper and digital labels. Our team is here to support you in every step of your digitalisation journey!

For more info on the EU's regulatory requirements, check our blog post:

The universal e-label cloud

With our universal e-label cloud application and added value services, companies can easily manage the full lifecycle of product digital labels and provide advanced levels of trust to consumers.

We offer the only commercially available e-label software in the world that combines blockchain technologies for enhanced data reliability, full white labelling options for unified brand experiences, and integrated lab certifications for verified product disclosures.

Active generation of QR codes

Translation to EU


Fully branded to your business

Trusted data using blockchain technology



Package of

20 QRs

Up to 10 years
Up to 60 active QRs


billed annually 


Package of

100 QRs

Up to 10 years
Up to 200 active QRs


billed annually 


Unlimited QRs


Up to 10 years
for unlimited QRs


billed annually 


Customise the visual identity of your e-labels (white label) for a unified brand experience.

Applicable on top of all annual plans (Start, Grow, or Unlimited).


billed annually 

Partner with us

We partner with industry associations, laboratories, and professionals to jointly deliver value across local & international ecosystems. 

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Get bulk discounts for your members, access bespoke reports, and increase your global visibility & impact.



Gain new clients, expand your services portfolio, and include your lab logo on our "verified" e-labels.



Join our commission-based referral program for professionals (sommeliers, promoters, marketing innovators).

Powerful tools

The universal e-label cloud is a powerful online application (Software as a Service) built exclusively around the needs of wine and spirits companies. We have combined the best available digital technologies to deliver a user-friendly online system for your product labeling needs and beyond.

Blockchain & Web3

Data Analytics

Loyalty Management

APIs & Integrations


With our added-value services, we not only help you comply with your legal obligations, but more importantly we enable you to use e-labels as a "key" to unlocking new digital innovation capabilities for your business.

Regulatory and technical consulting for your teams

Analysis services from our local partner labs

Managed services to reduce your admin burdens

Onboarding support to help you create your first e-labels

Why work with us?

The universal e-label cloud app is the only digital labeling solution globally that uses blockchain technology to provide enhanced levels of trust and accountability. Our blockchain integration (using the Compellio Gateway API service) is offered by default as part of all pricing plans.


In addition, we provide the only true brandable solution that enables your business to display a consistent brand experience to its customers. Through our partnerships with local laboratories, we offer the only integrated service for referencing lab analysis data within digital labels.

For more info please refer to the FAQ section.

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